Activity-1: Preparatory Meeting – Armenia

 The first international meeting of the project ’Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth’ took place in Yerevan during 1 to 7 of December 2018. This preparatory meeting reunited a total of 12 participants, two representatives of each of the partner organisations involved in the project implementation.
  During the working days, the participants agreed on practical aspects related to the implementation of the project activities, on communication means between partners, explored the possible risks that can be faced and discussed the best strategies to apply in order to achieve the planned objectives.
  The project is set to take place during one year and a half and includes a variety of activities – both at local level and at international level. The meeting held in Yerevan was crucial in order to have a smooth and successful implementation of the project.
  Each partner has assigned implementation teams for this project and tasks were distributed. Milestones and deadlines were discussed and agreed.
  ‘The project is in the same time very beautiful and very hard. We will need a lot of work to implement all the activities but we are dedicated and we are sure that our work will be of high quality. Together with our partners we will manage to offer young people from our communities a great experience!’ – said Mamuka Khatiasvili, the project coordinator.
  The participants started as well working on the next activity of the project – a research on perception, needs and realities of youth entrepreneurship. This research will be undertaken in selected rural regions of Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine.
  The meeting was hosted at local level by APY – Armenian Progressive Youth, our Armenian partner. During the free time, the participants had the chance to discover Yerevan city. At nights they have enjoyed the city life and traditional dinners. The participants managed even in such a short time to form a team and to establish new friendships.
  The project is coordinated by AISI Youth Alliance from Georgia in collaboration with organisations from other five countries: Poruch from Ukraine, Creatorii from Moldova, Cliento Youth Union from Italy, ADEFIS Juventud International from Spain and Armenian Progressive Youth from Armenia.
  Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth represents a Capacity Building in the Field of Youth project, Eastern Partnership Youth Window projects co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.