Youth Alliance AISI is a no-profit organization established in January 2013 in Telavi by young experts in different fields. It operates in a socially and geographically disadvantaged rural area. AISI has 10 active members and more than 100 volunteers now, many of them young people with fewer opportunities. AISI aims to strength a European cooperation to share knowledge, ideas and expertise to develop their activities in the frame of social development, with a focus on social inclusion and rural development. It favors educational activities involving the local community and the people who come from local rural areas. To purse this aim we collaborate with local institutions, schools, universities, private social organizations.

AISI has experience in implementing projects under the frame of Youth in Action and Erasmus+ programme. During 2013-2014 we have implemented 5 YiA projects (3 TC and 2 YE): “New Skills for More Chance“, “E-mpower V-olunteering for S-uccess “, “Plant your Healthy Future”, “Volunteering- Citizens in Action!”, “Sound of Europe Be Active!”

In 2015, AISI has organized a study visit of social entrepreneurs from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and made trainings for potential start-ups as well as educated municipalities about support for social entrepreneurship (SE) under the terms of Reginal Development Fund project. During the project more than 100 youth representatives were educated, informative materials about first steps in SE have been created.

Fields of activities and expertise areas of AISI:

1. Development of competences, literacy, confidence of people from disadvantaged social groups;
2. Involvement of young people from disadvantaged groups in the social life;
3. Rising an interest on social responsible entrepreneurship and employment opportunities to increase wealth of each individual and societies;
4. Promotion of non- discriminatory attitudes and combating stereotypes in the society;
5. Sustainable development;
7. Promotion of healthy life-style;
8. Promotion of active citizenship.

ADEFIS is qualified in the socio-labor sector team. We have extensive experience in teaching and actions for Professional Orientation for Employment and Self-employment in municipalities of the Community of Madrid. We have both national and European volunteers who are actively involved in various activities organized from headquarters. We have sociologists, psychologists, computer scientists, journalists, economists, translators Juries, etc.

It has been 5 years that we are organizing projects regarding employability for young people. Our work is based on non-formal education and personal development tools. Moreover, we focus on the acquisition of knowledge through different techniques based on a participatory and cooperative learning.
We are working for enrichment and support for interrelationship such as examples of good practices. Regards of employment we are organizing activities in the service of orientation for employment, labor intermediation and training.

Adefis Juventud Internacional has been given the quality seal as a member body adhered to ESTRATEGIA DE EMPRENDIMIENTO Y EMPLEO JOVEN 2013-2016 (entrepreneurship and employment strategy for young people) by the Spanish Government.

ADEFIS specialises in the personal and professional development through socio-educational methodologies based on non-formal education at European, national and regional levels.
To this end, the NGO relies on a highly-qualified team specialising in the social field who have an extensive professional experience in the mentioned area.

Our methodological approach is built on the following values
1.-Non-formal education: Quality education, with clear and concise objectives and a consistent structure focused on the personal development of the participants.
2.-Personal development: Thanks to the creation of new skills, knowledge and abilities.
3.-Acquiring knowledge through different techniques based on a collaborative and engaged learning.

TC – “Agro-youth entrepreneurship and pan European cooperation” organized in 2017 has played a key role in developing the capacities of youth workers in relation to social entrepreneurship, development of business plan and personal development of entrepreneurs.

Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (APY) has been working with young people since 2007. It was founded by a group of young people and later grew into a big organization which counts hundreds of local and international volunteers, members and followers, thousands of direct and indirect beneficiaries from Armenia and Europe. Our mission is to promote active citizenship and active participation of young people in civic life, to increase the activism of young people and contribute to the development of civil society in Armenia. The organization believes in bringing positive changes into Armenia through the active engagement of young people. The organization strives to bring Armenia closer to Europe and the European programs in the fields of Education and Youth closers to the young people in Armenia.

APY has implemented around 100 local, national and transnational projects. The main experience of the organization lies within the areas of education for active citizenship, active participation and civic education. We are championing especially for the inclusion of NEET and rural young people. The organization pursues several goals which are also strongly connected to the areas covered by the project. Organization aims at:

• fostering active citizenship and youth participation by improving understanding of democratic values and principles;
• building capacities of youth and providing personal and professional growth through non-formal education and volunteering programs;
• stimulating accessibility of young people to non-formal education opportunities and enhancing transparency in youth work;
• strengthening educational and intercultural exchange between youth of Armenia and the EU;

At the heart of our efforts is boosting the potential of young people, empowering, engaging and inspiring them to succeed as citizens, entrepreneurs and change-makers. We do it through building capacities of young people, helping to acquire knowledge and skills and providing mobility opportunities.

CREATORII is a non-governmental organization that has the main aim to offer development opportunities for young people aged between 16 to 30 year, especially from rural and deprived areas, with fewer possibilities.

Our mission is to be actively involved in solving most painful problems in our society by organizing different development initiatives, projects and seminars.

Main objectives:
– To develop personal and professional skills of young people using non formal education methods in areas like: entrepreneurship, communication, project management
– To create a platform of learning opportunities for people coming from rural and deprived areas of local community
– To increase the leadership potential of young people by organizing different workshop and seminars.
– To develop the creative and digital skills of young people using the photo activities, master classes and trainings
– To create social advertising that will sensibly the people about the existing problems of the society: discrimination, exclusion, racism and xenophobia, through the art of photography and filming.

Size of organization:
– 3 People in Management Team
– 30 Active volunteers

Key Activities:
– Trainings and seminars on entrepreneurial topics, business making and management
– Workshops with simulations on different business topics
– Round tables
– Exhibitions

Cilento Youth Union is a non-profit organization that started in Rofrano (SA) in 2015, targeting Italian youth with fewer opportunities from south of Italy and specifically from Cilento area. The organization was created under the initiative of active local young people which wanted to become part of European programs such as Erasmus Plus and LLP, both in formal and informal contexts, and after the line of different Youth Exchanges that were applied in the town in last 4 years under the Municipality of Rofrano initiative.

The main objectives of the Union are:
• To boost rural development and sustainable tourism nonprofit activities, while supporting the growth of the inner areas of the Cilento and the whole National Park;
• To enhance the employability of young people from disadvantaged and rural inland areas of Cilento (where the youth unemployment rate has reached peaks of 60%), in order to give them new social opportunities also in the European labor market;
• To promote opportunities for intercultural learning and intercultural dialogue for young people from local area;
• To strengthen a culture of tolerance, respect and acceptance of other cultures, ethnic and religious minorities;
• To develop research for the European dimension of vocational trainings and for the European project planning sector;
• To empower youth, by providing education, following formal and non-formal approach;
• To decrease level of prejudices or stereotypes among different European regions and Italy in particular;
• To promote the values of non-formal education, European Voluntary Service, active citizenship, European mobility and democracy for the creation of a better future for the European youth.

CYU aim for the next 5 years is to improve general position of young people in Rofrano and Cilento areas, considering that previous projects implemented in town brought strong local impact. Measuring indicators showed that over 10% of young people decided to volunteer, intern or participate in some of the international projects abroad after they took part in some of the local initiatives. That’s why the foundation and presence of a strong youth NGO is crucial for further similar trend development.

NGO Poruch is a community of experts, scientist, and volunteers. Since its foundation in 2011, the organisation has been actively participating in carrying out a number of local, national and international social projects, educational and training initiatives. Many events are realized with the support of international donors (GIZ, International Organisation for Migration, USAID, UNDP, Swedish Institute)
The aim of the organisation is raising new generation leaders via promoting volunteer movements and contributing to the development of civil society in Ukraine.

The NGO works directly with Ukrainian communities, with a special focus on the rural and post-conflict areas in order to reach youth with different background, including young people among internally displaced person.

Currently, the organisation acts as an implementing partner of the International Organisation for Migration in Ukraine and implements 3 long-run projects on reconciliation and integration work in the communities of Donbas and other regions, capacity building of CSOs working with IDPs.

In the field of entrepreneurship education for youth, the organisation has the following experience:
– Annual Youth Business Tournament “The Company Strategy” – ongoing project that involves youth from all regions of Ukraine opening to high school youth the world of entrepreneurship on the example of a specially developed business simulator. In 2017, more than 3000 high school students, teachers and university students took part in online and offline activities.
– Intellectual workshops on social entrepreneurship, social responsibility, sustainable development supported by the Swedish Institute and Swedish Embassy in several cities of Ukraine.
– Training course “Social enterprise and economic leadership” for deaf people aimed at familiarizing deaf people with the basic principles of entrepreneurship, economic leadership, self-employment and transformation of ideas into the project.