"From Idea to Business"

The guideline aims to open youth appetite to personal development, show them new approaches and to inspire them to turn their idea into business. Guide has been created for young people that are interested in entrepreneurship

Topics in the guideline help readers to:

  • Discover what entrepreneurship is and who is entrepreneur. What’s difference between businessmen and entrepreneur?
  • Get information how to be a successful entrepreneur and how to build successful start- up
  • Learn how to write business plan and how to pitch business idea to investors
  • Get information about why startups fail and advices from successful entrepreneurs
  • Useful and practical advices and recommendations and for startupers.
  • How boost your business online

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"Tools for promoting youth entrepreneurship"

Training program and study methodology for youth worker and trainers improves the quality of youth work. The main aim of the workshops and non-formal training methodology is to develop entrepreneurial competences of young people, to open up youngsters to the world of entrepreneurship, raise their awareness on this topic, to inspire and boost them to start their own business.

The workshops created for the young people aged 15-20 years old and designed especially for them based on needs researches undertaken in the Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova. By the participating in workshops they will develop their entrepreneurial potential, critical thinking, creativity and soft skills abilities.

These workshops use innovative non-formal methodologies includes 8 workshops:

  • What is entrepreneurship and who is entrepreneur
  • How to validate idea and market research
  • From idea to business
  • Business model Canvas
  • How to choose your customer
  • ABC in finance and budgeting
  • Crowdfunding, Local Grant and Start-up programs
  • How to pitch the idea