1-7 December 2018 in Armenia
Activity-1: Preparatory Meeting

The first international meeting of the project ’Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth’ took place in Yerevan during 1 to 7 of December 2018. This preparatory meeting reunited a total of 12 participants, two representatives of each of the partner organisations involved in the project implementation. (more…)

January 2019 in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova.
Activity-2: Research On Perception, Needs And Realities Of Youth Entrepreneurship

The next activity of the project was a research undertaken at local level in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova. In this research the aim was to discover what is the relation between youth and entrepreneurship at the local level in order to use this info for the further creation of the trainings at the local level. (more…)

18 February - 03 March 2019 in Georgia
Activity-3: Training Course “Tools For Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship”

Youth Alliance AISI has successfully implemented the Training Course “Tools for promoting youth entrepreneurship”. The training reunited 30 youth workers coming from Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Spain and Ukraine. The event took place between 18 of February and 3 of March in Telavi, Georgia. (more…)

April - May 2019 in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova.
Activity-4: Local Training Courses “Young Entrepreneurs For Community Growth”

The local training program aimed to develop entrepreneurial competences, using innovative non-formal educational methods for over 150 young people, aged 15-19, from Kakheti region of Georgia. (more…)

09-14 June 2019 in Georgia
Activity-5: Intermediate Meeting On Preparation Of Final Training-Kit For Youth Workers On Youth Entrepreneurship

This activity aimed to gather and extract the best practices of the experience of the trainers that held the trainings at local level. For this, from the 9th of June 2019 to 14th of June 2019 an intermediate meeting on the preparation of the final training-kit for the youth workers was held. The meeting took place in Telavi, Georgia (more…)

September-October 2019 in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova.
Activity-6: Conferences with local authorities’ representatives and successful businessmen

In Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Armenia there was orginized local conference and panel discussion between representatives from local authorities, non-governmental, privet sector and teenagers. To the conference was attending youngsters were involved in a local training programme. During the meeting, there were discussed the potential of the region to startup business and possibilities for personal development of young people. (more…)

20-28 October 2019 in Georgia
Activity-7: Youth Exchange – “Enterprise your idea”

Youth activity took place in Telavi, Georgia from 20 to 28 of October. Participants were gathered from 6 European countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Spain and Ukraine. The main aim was to develop participants creativity and motivation and to empower them to identify business opportunities, motivate them to put their ideas into practice and develop their creative thinking skills, soft skills and proactive behaviors. (more…)

10-16 February 2020 in Ukraine
Activity-8: Transnational working meeting

There was implemented transnational working meeting of the European project “Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth”. The meeting was held between 10 to 16 of February 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine and brought together representatives from each of the six partner organisations from Ukraine, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Spain and Armenia. (more…)