Activity-6: Conferences with local authorities’ representatives and successful businessmen

In Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Armenia there was orginized local conference and panel discussion between representatives from local authorities, non-governmental, privet sector and teenagers. To the conference was attending youngsters were involved in a local training programme. During the meeting, there were discussed the potential of the region to startup business and possibilities for personal development of young people.

The conference was implemented as two parts, during the first part teenagers met with representatives from local authorities and nongovernmental sector,   they were discussed about the problems and challenges in the region youngsters faced, about active citizenship and youth involvement in a local community.

During the second part of the conference, the local successful entrepreneurs shared their experience and the story of success to the teenagers and after were started panel discussion, where youngsters were asking the questions and getting answers and practical advices from entrepreneurs. 

Both conferences aim was to motivate young peopled and to enhance cooperation between stakeholders and youth organisation representatives and foster cooperation and act as starting point for development of further common collaboration.