Activity-5: Intermediate Meeting On Preparation Of Final Training-Kit For Youth Workers On Youth Entrepreneurship – Georgia

    This activity aimed to gather and extract the best practices of the experience of the trainers that held the trainings at local level. For this, from the 9th of June 2019 to 14th of June 2019 an intermediate meeting on the preparation of the final training-kit for the youth workers was held. The meeting took place in Telavi, Georgia and was hosted by the coordinating organisation AISI who was in charge of all the practical and logistical aspects at local level. The meeting reunited 30 participants – the trainers and facilitators involved at local level in delivering the trainings described above supported by a facilitator and an expert in non-formal education. The aim of this meeting was for the participants to share their experience from implementing the trainings at the local level. For this small reports were made in terms of sharing the practical aspects from the selection process, study cases presenting young participants experience during the local workshops, testimonials from the young participants, examples of good practices that can be extracted from the implementation of the training, biggest challenges faced and solutions applied, the planned follow-up at the local level. Then, each workshop was deconstructed piece by piece by participants and the changes emerged from the practice were noted down. All this info has been gathered and now it is being arranged and compiled in order to create the final tool-kit of methods and tips and tricks for trainers.
  During this intermediate meeting, the participants have as well discussed on the tabs, structure and main ideas of the web-platforms that will be developed and will be dedicated to sharing practical and useful information for young people about entrepreneurship.