Activity-2: Research On Perception, Needs And Realities Of Youth Entrepreneurship – Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine And Moldova.

   The next activity of the project was a research undertaken at local level in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova. In this research the aim was to discover what is the relation between youth and entrepreneurship at the local level in order to use this info for the further creation of the trainings at the local level. Organising the research was a little bit challenging in terms of deciding the final Terms of Reference that would fit exactly for all the countries. It was also challenging to find research companies that would have knowledge/ experience to implement a research at the level of the small communities selected in the project. Moreover, there was a time pressure for this as the project started with delay and then the period of winter holidays has as well interfered with the realization of the research. The research has offered some interesting insight of the views of youth related to their desire to explore entrepreneurship especially for the Georgian and Ukrainian youth.