Young Entrepreneurs
for Comunity Growth

Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth

 European project: ’Young Entrepreneurs for Community Growth’ aims to increase entrepreneurial competences and the level of knowledge about the business potential of their region for young people from marginalised, rural and disadvantaged areas of Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova with the collaboration of partner organisations from Italy and Spain.
  The project will involve at least 700 young people from the above-mentioned countries, aged 15-19, from selected rural areas, that will participate in workshops with the aim to develop their entrepreneurial potential, critical thinking and soft skills abilities. These workshops will use innovative non-formal methodologies that will be created during the project by professional youth workers. 

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The project absolutely changed my life, because now I am looking everything as a business plan. I decided to become an entrepreneur. I loved so much my business plan was working for it, that now I am seriously thinking to get a fund for future in order to implement it.I would like to say thanks to European Union and to AISI to give me the opportunity to participate in this type of project.
Nino Gobadze
Firstly, the new thing that I learned is what is Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship. Also, how to create a Business Model Canvas, how to write a Business plan and how to present all these to the investors. I am going to study at business management in the future. Therefore, all this information will be useful and I think it will influence my future plans positively.
Tamar Kvachadze
I was a shy girl before and now I realize that I have become extremely self-confident and I am not afraid of starting conversation first and talk front of the public. AISI showed me the way how to carry out and develop my idea. I will build my own guest house and will have my own business essentially. I hope this will happen in the near future.
Anano Kavalashvili
Firstly, I want to say that this project gave me the opportunity to make new friends. Besides, now I am well informed about the possibilities of starting a local business. Furthermore, I got knowledge regarding the main differences between entrepreneur and businessman.
Giorgi Papashvili

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