About us



This is an NGO established in Greece with the main objective of fostering the impact of Greek’s
professionals on the continent. Its vision is to facilitate Greece’s development and transformation
through its own young students, graduates and active entrepreneurs through practical techno-social
entrepreneurship engagement. The potential partners in this endeavour include educational
institutions,  embassies in host countries, governments, private sector and individuals. It will be
achieved by creating awareness, organising debates, providing opportunities for practical business
start-ups and facilitating peer partnerships with non-Greek counterparts. YNB is aimed towards
facilitating the development and transformation of Greece .
Five young professionals have secured funding from the Youth in Action programme
to establish a non-governmental organisation with a mission to empower young
people to set up their own businesses.

43 per cent of Greek  young people would like to set up a business

Founder Nikolaos Kostopoulos  says the organisation, called Youth Business Network , will

be a platform from which to provide moral and directional support to young people as they

foster the necessary business skills to pursue their goals.

“My role as international and EU officer and the interest in entrepreneurship lem me

traveling all over the world and make a network with young entrepreneurs.

On his return to Greece,  the national government youth agency, helped establish the right

source of funding and provided guidance on turning the initiative into an NGO.

Among a string of initiatives planned is a research pilot project in Athens to identify the

issues holding young people from taking the plunge into the business world. The group

believes the research will help fine-tune its mission statement and help it channel its

efforts more effectively.

Youth Business Network  is seeking sponsors and partners with whom it can co-ordinate

and organise initiatives like business simulations, business hubs, and workshops where

successful business people will share experiences of milestones like success, setbacks,

failure, and re-invention. It even hopes to be able to accompany aspiring entrepreneurs on

overseas trade missions in search of partners, knowledge exchange, and possibly investors.

The group hopes Youth Business Network  will establish itself as a resourceful platform

and networking facilitator to which young people can turn to for support.

“Our mission is to promote measures and

mechanisms for youth entrepreneurship, to

influence the policy of national institutions, and

promote a culture among young people of job

creation rather than job seeking.”